erato neocleous MDes RCA BA Hons Dip AD

designer / painter / educationalist / writer


Erato is one of Europe’s leading experts on design and architectural interiors. The writer of the educational book “Art and Design for All”. The creator of the “AD Art & Design Workshops for All”.

Establishing a reputation for providing creative design solutions for residential interiors and architectural projects. By using innovative materials to provide unique solutions. Client list includes developers, hotels, hotel apartments, private home owners, film and industry.


With extensive experience leading both small and large scale projects in Europe and abroad, offering an outstanding level of service, creativity and quality of design.


With ability to understand client's needs and seamlessly translate them into effective design solutions make her an ongoing resource for many clients.


Creative, approachable and immensely proud of her passion for art and design, being a small practice by choice, means that she can dedicate her time to quality rather than quantity. This is reflected in the high quality of work delivered.


Offers a very flexible approach tailored to individuals’ requirements and whatever their budget, will do everything to make sure it goes as far as possible.


With an established network of trusted consultants’ specialists, the highest quality of workmanship is ensured throughout all projects. From inception to completion, clients are able to entrust the smooth management of the project, who are ensure the work is carried out to exacting standards, on time and within budget.


Organizes and runs the internet program and workshops Art and Design for All through rock ruby holdings / ecpn international academy of art & Design located at the studio Necaja Cyprus


With more than 40 years’ experience in these Areas of Expertise she has a wealth of knowledge to pass over to both adults and children.